Mistress America

"There's often a disconnect between what people actually want and what studio heads think that they want."
I tend to blow hot and cold on the films of Noah Baumbach though, truthfully, more hot than cold. But I draw the line at his collaborations with Greta Gerwig, who may be the most overrated (or at least most overemployed) actor of her generation.
At a recent preview screening of Noah Baumbach's new movie Mistress America, co-screenwriter and star Greta Gerwig joked that only two movies have ever passed the Bechdel Test. "Both of them are mine."
Do you know that feeling of walking out of a movie thinking, “Well, that was … fine”? That’s the crux of “I Am Michael,” the
Oscar season has kept the buzz alive for "Boyhood" and "Whiplash," two of the biggest smashes at last year's Sundance Film