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So get ready, "AD" fans! The Bluths are coming back! The CCO went on to add that getting a schedule that works for everyone
“What I came to realize is that some perfect version of 'Arrested Development' as it exists for me and the actors and the
Hurwitz admits that George-Michael was the most autobiographical character for him to write, and describes him (lovingly
We've got an exclusive look at an "Arrested Development" featurette including some funny behind-the-scenes commentary on George Michael Bluth -- and Michael Cera, the actor who plays him -- from creator Mitch Hurwitz.
Now that America has had time to absorb the new season of "Arrested Development" (and catch up on some sleep), series creator
Two weeks after he locked the final cut of Netflix's "Arrested Development" revival, show creator Mitch Hurwitz is catching
Alas. As for Cera, it might be hard to remember now, but the actor went all-in on his heel role for "Arrested Development
There is a lot to like about Zombie "Arrested Development." Each cast member is still at the top of their respective game (or better, as in the cases of Alia Shawkat, Will Arnett and Season 4 MVP Michael Cera); the jokes, when they land, are funnier than they have any right to be; the world-building is impressively Simpsonian. Everything presented in this resurrected version of "Arrested Development" points to a show that still very clearly has gas left in the tank. Further adventures of the Bluth family -- whether on Netflix or the big screen -- are more than welcome. Which doesn't make Season 4 any less disappointing.
The Internet has unquestionably reformed how we consume. If only we approached everything with the same curiosity and attention that we give to Arrested Development, that would be a world full of openness, positivity, growth, and education.
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