"Mitt Romney declared war on us, picked a fight we weren't looking to pick," she said. "A lot of our folks take it really
There seems to be confusion about whether a Romney administration would run, not walk, to sharply limit women's reproductive choices.
The campaign did, however, go after Obama during the controversy over whether religiously affiliated groups should be required
The group will place the calls in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania
In the next few days, hundreds of thousands of my fellow Catholics will vote for Mitt Romney with the belief that he is a pro-life leader who will work to end abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth.
It is no one's business what reason a woman chooses to have an abortion, no woman should be defined by having one, or have her character called into question because she has had one, and under no circumstances, should she ever be asked why she had one.
"One would hope that Gov. Romney would not pick a fight that's going to consume a lot of time, potentially hand him a loss
I don't want a single other woman to have to endure what I went through -- both physically and emotionally. My story is only one of so many/too many of those days when abortion was illegal, and women lost their lives and their fertility. Let this not happen to our country again.
Coleman was responding to a question "regarding what he would say to voters who are worried about the influence of religious
Wallace asked how women can plausibly support such candidates. "Abortion doesn't even show up," Johnson said, insisting that
The testimony had been sealed for almost two decades after Maureen Sullivan Stemberg sought unsuccessfully to alter the divorce
Now, the decision to have an abortion when faced with a life-threatening pre-pregnancy condition is a hard choice. Under President Romney, there would be no choice.
HuffPost's Mike McAuliff relays background on the Indiana Senate race: The DNC released a new web video Wednesday juxtaposing
"I think anyone who is working out there and making a living -- if you're the most qualified person for the job, you should
Watch the ad: Romney's current position on abortion is that he opposes it, except in cases of rape, incest or if the life
To understand exactly how extreme the Romney abortion plan is, it helps to look at it alongside the abortion law regimes around the world.
On Wednesday, Anna Williams at the conservative journal First Things said she was nonplused by Romney's comments on contraception
President Barack Obama's reelection campaign released a new ad Friday attacking Mitt Romney's position on women's health
If Mitt Romney cannot decide on the issue of choice, where does he stand on solving the world-wide issue of gender disparities that are so rooted in a woman's ability to control her own fertility?