To the Tips of Your Toes Boots that are Fierce and Fight the Frigid Weather REI 303 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10012 (212
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When you apply pressure to a capacitive screen, it will only recognize the action if it has an electrical current. The naked hand delivers these electrical impulses directly to touchscreens. This is why the wool mittens your Aunt Vi made won't work on most touchscreen devices.
I imagine Romney in the setting of a Mad Men-like office, activating the intercom on his desk. "Ann, get Mormon God on the phone, see if we can't move some things around and maybe postpone this hurricane."
It's January, and so far in Chicago we've had a relatively mild winter. There has been almost no snow. Yet I have grown to hate winter as the years go by, and I still can't wait for it to be over.
Bryan Young is an author and the editor of the geek news site Big Shiny Robot! They've offered us an exclusive look at number
For every article we post here at Huff/Post 50, there are untold hours spent scrolling through the stock image libraries
Millions of kids like my daughter are already on Facebook and other social media sites. At this point, trying to limit their access is a joke.
As temperatures begin to fall, it's time to bust out your favorite cold weather accoutrement.
Ethel's Mittens have made about 1000 sets of hats and mittens, but the need is even greater. The hats and mittens are distributed