Craft cocktails are on the rise in a big way. Post modern versions of the cocktail bar have taken over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and are spilling over onto Long Island, (pun intended.) In this new golden era of craft cocktails, it all came together at the NY Cocktail Expo...where the very best in mixology showcase their amazing cocktails, exhibiting the top spirits.
I never anticipated that these diverse careers would parallel each other in so many ways. However, through my job transformations one things has certainly changed. I never wonder if what I'm doing matters anymore.
We dreamt up six fresh, delicious libations that can appeal to every celebration -- from winter weddings to Christmas to New Year's -- and delight the palette at the same time. These seasonal drinks will not only warm up any cold weather fete, they can also be enjoyed once the temperatures rise. (Bonus!)
Vodka and gin aren't just great during the summer -- they're perfect in the colder months, too.
Make “The Lower East Side” Jon Hess’ way, or not at all.
Serves 1 6 mint leaves, torn 1 1/2 ounces Bulleit rye whiskey 1 barspoon maple simple syrup This time of year, the cold weather
Cocktails and spirits often have history and lore connecting them to stories of cure-alls, snake oils and digestive aids. Most are false (or at least the claims made at the time were false), but a few were true, and perhaps the spirit with the strongest connection to medicinal purposes is gin.
On Saturday July 18 the best cocktail bars in the world were judged at the Tales of the Cocktail Annual Spirited Awards in New Orleans. New York City was well represented. The Dead Rabbit took home awards for the World's Best Cocktail Bar and Menu.
Even aged tequilas and mezcals are key for summer.
The intimate yet airy location brings Angelenos a full array of flavors from various parts of Peru.
It's easy to forget that working actors and musicians once had normal jobs. You know, just like us. That's right: Before they blew up, there were many celebrities who waited tables
It's tough to select one drink to be stuck with on a proverbial desert island. To find out which drinks truly have the most staying power, we polled a group of esteemed cocktail experts to name the one drink they'd marry until death do them part.
There's nothing wrong with a little carbonation, so why not make it at home? For this, you'll need to swap your nitrous for some carbon dioxide and take a trip to the grocery store for ingredients but, again, the process is the same.
It's safe to say cocktail ingredients have stretched beyond straight spirits and citrus wedges.
You don't need a wand -- just some vodka.