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The bill would have canceled scholarships for athletes who boycott games.
Students are demanding that faculty be 10% Black. Most flagship public universities have less than 5%.
Students who don't feel comfortable with law enforcement can contact the civil rights organization.
The University of Missouri has woken up America to realize the potential of its athletes. Hunger strikes and hundreds of students protesting for months sends a strong message. But when a group of athletes come together to make a statement? Game over.
"I'm going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see."
I am writing you an open letter for more reasons than to just shower you with accolades and encouragement in your current struggle. I am writing to implore you to consider transferring to any of the FCS Division HBCUs. I am imploring you to do such a thing for several reasons.
Now former University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe -- in a moment of rare candor for someone who just fired himself -- admitted what has been probably one of the worst-kept secrets at American colleges. His words: "Racism does exist at our university, and it is unacceptable."
University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe announced Monday that he would resign, amid calls from students, faculty and lawmakers for him to step down.
University of Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel said the protest was an "extraordinary" circumstance that made football secondary.