MLB Playoffs

Why are we so fascinated with sports and athletes? And why is baseball our national pastime? Why more than any other sport does baseball affect and change people's lives?
When the All-Star pitcher was dealt to Boston, it was the fourth time he was traded in six years.
VIP Vasectomy Weekend. That's right. When you are truly ready to cut the chord, literally, and call it quits with having any more kids, the best and only way to go is to proudly cross the River Zero Sperm with a weekend that begins, and ends, with everything, and anything, that makes you happy!
Opening Day is so close we can smell the peanuts and popcorn! The 2016 Major League Baseball season kicks off this Sunday
He's out of treatment and ready to go for next season.
Another year, another victory for the billy goat.
"There was a little bit of clicking back and forth."