And what did I do to make it worse?
...and again. ...with neither side managing to secure an advantage, and Schweinsteiger showing that he’s still more than
But Columbus were every bit a match, and more. New signing, Ian Harkes, watched by his father, US men’s national team, and
The day before that, Schmid departed 'by mutual agreement' ending an eight year reign at the helm. So you might think that
Scouring the globe to find and discard, they ran through managers during this stretch starting with former Partick Thistle
Toronto FC scored 5 goals in Yankee Stadium on Sunday night to win the Eastern Conference semi-final against NYC FC by 7 goals on aggregate, and set up a final against Montreal.
New York City F.C. needed to win their final game of the season in order to get a bye to the Eastern Conference semi-final. A 4-1 win ensured that they did.