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The Alabama Republican, who talked of "blood" sacrifice at Trump's Jan. 6 rally, said the account from Kevin McCarthy's ex-aide was "total bovine excrement."
"The Late Show" host tore into Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar.
The Alabama Republican told that he'd support his aides if they did help organize a "First Amendment rally to protest voter fraud and election theft."
The Alabama Republican claims his speech that day was nothing more than "a pep talk."
The Department of Justice said the Alabama Republican's speech before the Capitol attack was "not within the scope" of his employment.
Rep. Mo Brooks, who spoke at the Trump rally before the attack, claims he did it only because the White House asked him to.
The Alabama Republican spent months evading the Capitol riot suit filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell.
A judge said Rep. Eric Swalwell could have more time to serve Rep. Mo Brooks a lawsuit, but refused to allow U.S. Marshals to aid in his quest.
The rioters “destroyed two months of debate and work,” Brooks, who now faces censure, said of his attempt to delegitimize Biden's victory.
One resolution aims to censure Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, who spoke at President Trump's Wednesday event that led to the Capitol storming.
At least three lawmakers have tested positive for COVID-19 after sheltering in the U.S. Capitol with GOP members who refused to wear masks.
Sen. Josh Hawley's move is likely more symbolic than substantive, but is sure to please President Donald Trump.
Rep. Mo Brooks quoted “Mein Kampf” to attack the Democrats and the media who supported the Mueller report.
Republican Mo Brooks of Alabama accuses Democrats of using "big lie" propaganda. Hitler had accused the Jews of employing that tactic.
Legal experts say the suit has some big flaws.
Mo Brooks rejects notion that global warming is causing sea levels to increase, and says: "What about the White Cliffs of Dover?"
When asked if he still supported senate candidate Roy Moore in wake of sexual assault allegations, Alabama congressman Mo Brooks ran away.
Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) ran down a stairway blaming Democrats.