Mo Farah

The gold medalist is worried he won't be able to reunite with his family in Portland.
Athletes are acutely aware of the power that food has over the human body. When they're not training or competing, many of them are doing their part to make sure that no one is limited by hunger, malnutrition, or obesity-related health problems.
In a separate interview, Bolt was shown the footage and replied he would be prepared to take on the challenge. He then turned
Olympic Stadium, London, August 4, 2012. Minutes before the race of my life, the finals of the men's 10,000 meters. I wasn't running. I was a spectator. Below, taking their places, were two runners I'd spent years coaching. I couldn't help but marvel at the peace I felt inside.
"That'll show him for beating us in the Olympics! (And also expose our border control as haphazard racial profilers)," quipped
Without further ado, here are these and more of the most irrepressible, feel good sports stories of 2012. If we're missing
The image that inspired the photoshops was captured during Farah's jubilant gold medal finish during the final of the 5,000
What a fantastic Olympics we've just had. I miss the Games already. The spectacle was grand, but what I hope really last are the spirits of internationalism and participation in sport.
Take Serena Williams. She's a 14-time grand slam champion. But she had never won an Olympic singles gold medal until the
Will it be the pomp of Opening and Closing ceremonies? The circumstances of Oscar Pistorius' Olympic debut? The indomitable