“The Sopranos” ended 10 years ago. Did Tony Soprano get whacked? Or did he survive the series finale?
Director: Nathan Bender from 6 Brothers Pictures Cast: Bozzy (Corey Neville ) Sam (Ernie Crowther) and Mob Boss Saretti (Vincenzo
Mr. Corso has not been proven guilty of anything, and it will likely be up to his lawyer and himself to explain away some very nebulous business tactics, but this time around he won't have the benefit of being a highly-placed mob informant.
This covers many words used for money, although there are many more used less often. The exact history of "bucks" used for "money" is uncertain, but the leading theory, which seems likely, is that "bucks" came about as a substitute for money in the 1700s, when deerskins were a common medium of exchange for other items of value.
Jersey Boys has pried open Pandora's box revealing a bit of the mob's considerable influence over the development of rock and roll and the upcoming HBO series on the '70s musical scene, with the involvement of Scorsese and Mick Jagger, should create further interest.
Usually the Mafia is known for pushing daisies — but over in Naples, its apparently pushing poinsettias for the holidays.
If you don't respect the mafia pushing poinsettias, you'll be pushing up daisies. Of course, this isn't the first time Naples
Here's the truth of the matter -- if you have a family member who is doing things that telegraph their intention to mess
On Bitchless Bride, I give you brideys a lot of shit about keeping your wedding planning in perspective, and not being a