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Students believe smartphones and laptops can assist learning. Then why are so many teachers dead set against them in their classrooms?
Ultrafast laser-control of magnetism However, sending in a femtosecond laser pulse disrupts a magnet's equilibrium. This
We wish our seven newest grantees big congratulations! Elizabeth Roesler, The Heart of Lubbock Community Garden, Lubbock
Suppose we could stop looking over our shoulders, worrying that we're developing for devices destined for obsolescence before we're finished. Ideally, we'd then be able to focus on creative content, and audience-friendly delivery platforms that support discovery and sharing.
Field Activity Management is the art of managing and reacting to all of the moving parts a business has operating outside
Today's mobile devices have larger screens with crisp photo resolutions and brighter colors which appeal when giving a spontaneous
You work extremely hard to create an email marketing campaign. First you have to find the right incentive to get the maximum number of subscribers. Then craft an entire series of emails designed to do one thing: increase sales.
A couple of years ago when some 40 million credit cards were breached at Target's brick-and-mortar stores, I frantically tried to recall if I had done any holiday shopping at my neighborhood store. Thankfully I hadn't, but my relief was short-lived.
A number of new apps will let customers order out-of-stock items for home delivery, check store prices and even summon a clerk.