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Because your Hogwarts letter is still stuck in the owl post, for some reason.
It turns out that Pokémon GO suffers from a key issue that's been holding back the development of ARG's (alternate reality
Officially, we may be halfway through 2016 but that doesn't mean that we have explored everything about the mobile gaming industry. With the ever-evolving advancements in the world of technology, mobile gaming is one of those fastest-growing industries.
4. Wigglytuff vs. Pikachu?     An evolution of Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff is a cute Pokemon that can bounce and float away to
Server Issues Attack - After "Go!" appears, you can tap anywhere on the screen to attack your opponent. You will see a "Very
Nintendo has had an existing relationship with McDonald's for years, first with McDonald's acting as a free WIFI provider
Fighting in a clan from his Syrian hometown and coordinating battles against clans he was randomly matched with around the globe was one of the ways 24-year-old Hosam maintained spiritual ties with the land and community he had left behind.
What Frank Underwood showed me is that, as much as video game audiences have diversified, so too have their purposes. Where games once existed as static console-based entities for specialized nerds to plug into, games are now an ubiquitous feature across all our devices.
Nintendo continues to find new ways to remain relevant longer than any other gaming company has been able to, and they are striving to find new ways to introduce consumers to their products.
Nintendo's plan to bring games to your iPhone might end up being the worst.
Frank Underwood, the megalomaniacal president in "House of Cards," is really into video games. Like, "ignore the splendor of Robin Wright" into video games.
Got a stack of old VHS tapes in your basement? Your brand new video game discs might be joining them sooner than you'd think.