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This wouldn’t be your ordinary flip phone.
It’s a great time to break free from the tyranny of your mobile operating system. But which one? For Seshu Kiran, it meant
Pupil phone use: It is important to have a clear school policy on pupil phone use, to inform parents about this and to explain
Networking / Communication The latest in the features of mobile technologies increase productivity and profitability. Along
Our telephone habits have changed, but so have the infrastructure and design of the handset.
That mobile is the new buzzword is no surprise. News and content consumers want their regular fixes on the go, everywhere, all the time, and newspapers are having a hard time keeping up. So the Innovations report offers papers the following advice to jump on the mobile train before it leaves the station.
In point of fact, the Hopkins researchers did not include two of the most common cancers in the world -- breast and prostate
Here's an idea. This year, turn Thanksgiving into Thinks-giving. Unplug. Yup. The whole day without digital engagement. No screens. No big balloon parades. No football.
As hunter-gatherers turned tourists, we may be hardwired to eat, seek comfort, maybe even shop, but how long do we look at a famous attraction before we're supposed to move on?
Most customers won't download a brand's app. Why? Three phenomena are in play.
Part of the addiction to smartphones stems from our worry that something enormously important will happen while we're incommunicado
If you're having insomnia, I suggest trying turning off your mobile phone at night. I had no expectations about its efficacy when I started this, but the results have been amazing. Perhaps the scientific community should take heed.
Neighbors said they did not see or hear anything unusual until Amna fell from her apartment. An eyewitness from a nearby