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Social commerce is gaining headway, and could put up some surprising numbers this year. This unique combination between ecommerce
It relies on customers' good faith to make purchases
It's easier than ever to save money when you shop online or in the store. But you have to be proactive - don't just settle for the price a retailer gives you.
Whether you're a seasoned doorbuster shopper or planning your first attempt at Black Friday, there's more to this annual holiday sales event than what the stores let on.
Sometimes it seems like there's an app for everything. While these are often useful innovations, it is important to remember that not all of them are providing protections if something goes wrong with your purchase.
Exclusivity combined with limited supply also offers a unique opportunity. Both cosmetic and athletic shoe brands have tapped
Consumers are spending big money from their mobile devices. During the second quarter of 2013, the amount spent in mobile
As smart phones increasingly become the focus of the shopping experience, the primary role for brick and mortar retailers is often degrading into that of a showcase for shoppers who want a physical connection with products -- before they purchase at lower cost elsewhere.
This explosion of e-commerce and online retail opens up opportunities for those of us living in rural America. We see it every day in my backyard. Retailers of all kinds of products are all accessing the global marketplace via the Internet.
It's not a matter of will mobile be important for the future of your business, it's a matter of how you will adapt your business to meet the needs of the growing number of mobile consumers.
Prepare to say goodbye to the good old days of tax-free online shopping. A new rule allowing states to collect online sales
Not long ago, prior to play dates and potty-training, I looked forward to some Me Time at the stores. The saleslady knew my first name and we often acted like long lost friends. On days when skinny jeans were not feeling so skinny, she had the perfect Prada ballet flats for me. This is the first part of my confession: I have not seen my saleslady in months. As a matter of fact, I feel like I'm cheating on her. Now my shopping is done online.
As the online retail business has grown, much has been made of whether virtual commerce will eventually overtake real-time shopping.
Patrick Buckley, "chief DODO" at DODOcase, points out that in order to attract and keep customers and clients who will stay
The marriage of shopping and smartphones is a hot topic among business owners right now. But while Americans may love browsing
Nomophobia is on the rise. In a recent study by SecurEnvoy, 67 percent of respondents are afraid of losing or being without
Mobile apps are creating new ways for people to shop smarter, bringing the online offline to transform the retail experience and entice people back to stores.
The 300 largest U.S. mobile merchants, led by Inc, will generate $5.37 billion in sales through mobile devices
Given the extent to which we rely on mobile phones for shopping, access to email and contact lists, even e-commerce and banking accounts -- a stolen phone would seem to be a horrible fate. Except that it is not.