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Adding visuals to a post can actually boost retweets by 35%, and it's easy to make amazing pictures using Canva. Although
Here is an accurate prediction for a change: No matter how Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales turn out, one big winner of the Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza will be mobile commerce.
Sidenotes   (a) According to the World Bank, only 43% of Kenyans accessed the internet within the past year and 55% have
As candidates, campaigns and the pundits who love them pour over the electoral college map and latest poll numbers from Ohio
In a mobile network where the wireless connections are less consistent and the speed is slower than a wired network, the conventional Virtual Private Network (VPN) performance is not consistently up to the mark. It often leads to low productivity, data loss, and transaction failure.
With the rise of mobile phones in Africa, radio is more powerful than ever before, revolutionizing communications possibilities
Today, as we all tap out messages on smartphones waiting in line at Starbucks, the idea of writing "to whom it may concern
The purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft is a watershed moment in the business of tech, an event giving rise to a kaleidoscope of possibilities that make the imagination race. How could it not?
I'm close friends with entrepreneurs located in some pretty out of the way places. Whether they're making craft beer, in hospitality, combating climate change, curing disease, or building new social media platforms, they're all reliant on their mobile devices and the apps that go with them.
However, that's just the beginning of how iBeacons could change the world. Was Supposed to Change the World in Nine ways