moby dick

Terrorism, in fact and fancy, is now woven into the fabric of American society. It is as integral to our way of engaging
New research suggests sperm whales can use their huge heads as battering rams against ships and each other.
Every year for 20 years, this whaling museum has hosted a marathon reading of Herman Melville's classic.
I've read Moby Dick many times, but never considered calling it a religious book until now. It took In the Heart of the Sea, a decidedly non-religious film, to remind me that the American classic is overloaded with religious cargo.
Fossils discovered in the 1800s were initially thought to have belonged to a walrus.
Thomas Nickerson grew up on Nantucket in the early 1800s, when that island was the world's capital of the brutal and highly profitable whaling industry. It was a place where, Philbrick explained, every boy dreamed of going to sea and hunting whales, and maybe becoming rich as a result.
This is Frank Sinatra's centennial year, an appropriate time for Kaplan to deliver the second and final volume of his engaging
Whether one is searching for a window of opportunity, hoping to ride a groundswell of support, or participating in an established grassroots movement, the importance of seizing the moment and making the most of its potential can never be underestimated.
I really perked up when the conversation turned to the notion of likability. Who says we have to like a character? Yet Franzen claims that "the safest thing" in writing fiction is not caring what the reader wants, in the sense of realizing, "Not everyone will like this guy."
As I recently reported in Publishers Weekly Writers for the Sea is a new organization formed on June 8, 2015--World Oceans Day--and already making a splash offering many enthralling ways of describing our salty blue marble planet. What prompted the creation of Writers for the Sea?