In a series of TikTok videos, 26-year-old Eugenio Casnighi says he was dismissed after a clip in which he appeared alongside Kylie Jenner drew thirsty comments.
"It gave me a lot of strength for what was to come," the supermodel told WSJ. Magazine.
Lottie Moss seemingly deactivated her Twitter account after announcing she was "so sick of people blaming nepotism" for their lack of wealth and success.
On her radio show, Laura Inghram bashed Republicans for dealing with tax cuts but not illegal immigration.
The 23-year-old made her runway debut last fall in Paris.
The Puerto Rican model is featured in the brand's newest campaign.
Leyna Bloom is honored to be “a representation of all the communities I grew from” as she breaks barriers in the fashion industry.
Leo Reilly, who performs as LoveLeo and walked the 2019 Moschino runway, made a lot of new fans this week.
Cacsmy Brutus modeled for luxury fashion brands and advocated for disability representation.
He was filming a reality TV show in China when he collapsed.