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"That's because he is," I replied as nicely as I could without letting on what I thought of their ill-conceived plan. Either
I was a successful model who experienced all of the dark issues you can imagine. I'm speaking out in the hopes that others will come forward, use their voices and get the help they need. These are "silent" issues that shouldn't remain so.
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Many women with eating disorders, including models, partake in dangerous tactics to maintain a slimmer physique -- yet aren't underweight by BMI standards. In some ways, focusing on "the numbers" perpetuates the damaging notion that they matter most.
Instead of traditional fashion models, Hammer selected 24 successful "role models" of all shapes and sizes to send down the runway, ranging from CEOs, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and more. By doing this, she wanted to make a statement to the fashion industry.
Industry pressures often place young girls in compromising situations, but Crawford has some solid advice to avoid such traps
China has emerged at the forefront of the fashion conversation with major brands such as Burberry, Dior Homme, and, most
"I think almost every model has had an encounter with him, whether it be good or bad. I would say the majority are complaints
Watch how they look at girls and what they do to them. Read more on
Model Kate Dillon and Summer Rayne Oakes talk about body image and fashion.
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgWhat seems to be an impenetrable and immutable industry actually isn't. Granted that changing mindsets might be hard -- and you might have to strip down to your bra and panties for the occasion -- but character, confidence and fortitude always shine through.
The world knows Cindy Crawford as a supermodel who has graced the cover of countless magazines, but in an upcoming episode
Numéro Magazine has found itself in the middle of a racially-charged firestorm after using a highly bronzed white model in
Numéro magazine used a highly bronzed blond-haired, blue-eyed white model in one of its fashion editorials entitled "African Queen." HuffPost Black Voices Style & Beauty Editor Julee Wilson joins Alicia on set to share her thoughts.
With that said, the editorial serves as another sad example of how the fashion industry continually ignores or exploits ethnic
Fashion doesn't mean you have to be skinny. Fashion, to me, is feeling comfortable and confident in clothes that display your personality. Acceptance is the true key to happiness.
They stand, hundreds of girls, in their underwear and bras, balanced on high heels, faces upturned as the camera passes over them. They give small smiles.
Sunday: Sunday was a VERY hectic and LOOOOONGG day….. It started with a casting for Rodarte at 11:00 in the morning. Then
The 23-year-old daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has been a professional model since she was 14, and is