Democrats’ $1.85 trillion package of social and climate initiatives seems afflicted by a maddening parade of hurdles.
The president held a series of meetings with lawmakers on Wednesday in an attempt to quell the warring progressive and moderate factions in his party.
Moderates and progressives in Congress are blaming each other for worse-than-expected election results.
A left-wing campaign group plans to spend more than half a million dollars to disqualify 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.
Fellow Democrats blasted the proposal as "one of the dumbest ideas" and a "slap on the wrist."
When moderates attack, moderators engage in conservative talking points -- and more observations of the night.
The Democratic Party spending millions of dollars to defeat Grayson and Sestak in the primaries is short-sighted, to say the least.
I'm reading a book titled ORIGINALS: How Non-Conformists Move the World (by Adam Grant). In it, I've come across this passage
It's a relief to know we agree on at least one thing: According to a new poll released this week, a whopping 95 percent of
John Kasich will indeed be the Republican nominee elected at the Cleveland Convention. And he will be elected because of experience that no other candidate can bring to the table. He will also win the general election in November.