Answer by Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, on Quora. Do you use your research's
Being Number Two is being a failure and, as a result, being so ashamed of yourself that you can't live with yourself, so
It sounds like wise, low-key advice, but it's actually total B.S.
A new study by led by Michelle vanDellen in the journal Appetite looks at people's definition of moderate consumption.
When I gave up the screen-feed, my life woke up.
This year, my challenge for you is to work to ditch extremist views when it comes to food and movement, and to embrace the
Wellness takes practice and commitment, every single day. It doesn't come in a bottle or a pill or test tube. True health requires a realization that moderation actually is the shiny and sexy alternative -- that the latest purification regimen is fleeting, a distraction that draws your attention away from the true elements of healthfulness.
Tips for Surviving Our house resembled a three ring circus but the holidays took it to a much higher level. Imagine a circus
Here are six ways I lost weight during the holidays (and have maintained my weight loss every holiday since):
When King Abdullah, in the first of the seven points, calls for the return to basics, it must be emphasized that the basics here should not be limited to "deep values of love peace, justice and compassion." It should also include the basic rights of individuals and the needs for serious political and socioeconomic reforms.