Modern Day Slavery

The Archbishop of Canterbury was insistent on his commitment to action and he cited many routes: following the supply chains
While at dinner that night in Berlin, I admired my friend. Because when speaking about Nazis, he took responsibility for
Without hesitation, an email appeared in my inbox. It was an announcement of the landmark decision that self-liberated slave
The exploitation of people - whether their efforts are provided by debt bondage, under threat of violence, psychologically
Slavery is complex and in many regions entrenched - it will need a cohesive, strategic and coordinated final push to secure
The woman goes by the name of Zunduri, a name she adopted after gaining freedom that means "beautiful girl" in Japanese.
In the U.K., an employer hired a domestic worker but he didn't pay her, resulting in domestic servitude. He withheld her
Prum would eventually escape, diving off the boat and swimming miles to shore using emptied fish sauce containers as buoys
Human trafficking and slavery. Given the realities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, these are not words to be used lightly. Nonetheless, this is the only way to describe some of the horrific abuses that have been perpetrated in the Asia-Pacific region in recent times.
Now, as ISIS monsters stride through villages, crucifying Christians and burning Yazidis and erecting slave markets the likes