We can fully recognize the leaps and bounds that have already been made. Women can now do things like vote, and ride astride horses instead of using a sidesaddle, and veto corsets and bustles in favor of sneakers and sweatpants. There's no denying that advancements have been made. But one thing is also clear: we are not there yet.
Since feminism's second wave, feminist scholars and activists in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, have been developing strategies for scrutinizing the status of women in our traditions and pressing for women's equality.
If you have someone in your life who is a feminist activist or works to empower women, keep it simple and get them one of these must-haves. Or, if you're the diehard feminist, put these on your wish-list or subtly hint to family and friends that you've been dying to read/try/wear one of the gifts on the list.
Since all of these thought-leadership platforms have been created by women, perhaps the formula for what makes a good thought
I am trying to do my little bit! As are so many others. Boys, however, have mostly been left out of the movement. They suffer
When you Google "feminism," the first thing that comes up is the definition. After that, a couple of articles about Emma Watson, and then a website called "" You know what doesn't pop up? Man hating.
FRANK151 has finally launched a book dedicated to their favorite female personalities who embody modern feminism.
In a room full of feminists the other day, someone asked 'What have we achieved over the past 10 years?' To my surprise, the room fell silent. Is it really that hard to name a couple of recent successes?
It is time to move to higher frequencies and thought. The divine feminine is way more than a spiritual concept and it is happening at every level of societies and around the globe today.
No, I don't live in New York; I'm not competing for press; I'm not trying to be the most liked or endorsed. Sure, I still have moments of frustration, but I'm focused on me. And I can honestly say I've never felt more comfortable in my skin.
I had some knowledge of feminism, but I don't think I'd ever come into contact with a woman who identified as a feminist before. To be honest, the first time I was actually exposed to feminism on the internet is what made me rethink the notion all together.
In other words, Eminem is less a bona fide sexist, and more deliberately pushing buttons. We've had this discussion before.
I want to live in a world where wearing lip gloss and understanding quantum physics is not mutually exclusive. I want it to be normal for baking and welding to coexist on a hobby list. I want women to feel like they can leave the house without makeup, but if they choose to wear stilettos, they aren't lowering their IQs.
A victim of street harassment myself, I often wonder, If you're a construction worker in the throes of the sausagefest that IS your work site, have you offered up as many niceties to your own wife as you did to me just now?
There is something fascinating, captivating even, about the Kardashian family that has drawn me in. Part of that I believe is the fact that the family is full of strong, independent women. Being such an avid feminist activist, this is obviously appealing.
As some women must make choices in order to be seen, women who are seen are asked to carefully measure their choices. The
For most, it feels like sometimes you have to "come out" as a feminist, like it is something that is not just a given. When I began to identify as a feminist, most people said ridiculously rude things, like it was just some angsty teenage phase.
feminism shouldn't be a bad word. All progressive-thinking people, women and men, should be proud to call themselves feminists, because the many modern feminist flavors all enrich the beautiful bouquet we call womanhood.
I don't enter a room and state that I am a woman, a feminist and white. They are all descriptive of who I am, but I also don't want to pigeon hole my persona, and besides, there is so much else behind all of those labels!
The Feminist Movement is not necessarily an all-united front. She tributes such racial disparity to the way people have historically