Modern Orthodox Judaism

The eight-day holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights, begins on Thursday at sunset.
Not even a ban from the religious establishment will stop these women from fulfilling their calling.
The indiscriminant killing of civilians in Syria cannot be ignored by the international community any longer. As Americans in our post-Holocaust world, we have the duty to prevent the slaughter of innocents when given the opportunity.
Scuba diving for tekhelet is not just a fortuitous metaphor from a long-ago conversation between office mates, but rather is a prototypical instance of the fruitful integration of disparate areas of experience.
We need to destroy evil by fighting it but also by modeling the alternative. We need to show the world that ordinary man is capable of being exceptional in his kindness, in his honesty, in his moral and spiritual stature.
The media is wild over the Women of the Wall controversy, and it's not hard to understand why. It deliciously combines women's rights issues, religion and, media's favorite topic, the Middle East, all in one bite-sized package of scandal.