modern slavery

Across the country, incarcerated men and women are preparing to go on strike to demand better wages for the jobs they work while in prison. Some states allow workers to get paid as little as four cents per hour.
Yangon. Mya* thought she was heading to a better paid job in a town in the north of Myanmar. That was what her friend had
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"The trips are grueling," she says. "But I will do this until I can't walk anymore. If I die doing this work, I will die
After the fundraising success, Birk found himself coaching his students, at their insistence, to give talks and lead discussions
Free the Slaves has launched an initiative to galvanize a renewed Jewish movement against slavery. The Passover Project, an
"Freeing a person from slavery is good, but the ideal is to find ways to permit them to permanently resist slavery without
Williams knew meeting slavery survivors would be hard. Her friends wondered if listening to their stories would be too horrible
Graff is a big believer in due diligence. We are honored she believes so passionately in Free the Slaves: "It's in their
"Fighting slavery is important to me because I would like to live a life knowing that I am not contributing to the abuse
Consumers do not want to be inadvertently eating food picked or packed by people who have been exploited, deceived or abused. We need our government and supermarkets to create an environment where it is impossible for anyone to sell food produced under these conditions.
The Republican Platform: "We will use the full force of the law against those who engage in commercial sexual exploitation
Meet Our Donors Why I Free Slaves- Psychologist Sheila Siegel from Free the Slaves on Vimeo. The Actress: "I free slaves
The Broward College Supply Chain Program offers a unique opportunity to infuse a concern for modern slavery into the training
Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences, says his marching
"Sometimes I didn't even eat," said Christian Atsem, speaking of the conditions while he was enslaved. "We didn't have a
Free the Slaves periodically honors survivors, activists and organizations that demonstrate outstanding courage, innovation
Lili Huang, 35, faces five felony counts related to human labor trafficking.