modern slavery

Across the country, incarcerated men and women are preparing to go on strike to demand better wages for the jobs they work while in prison. Some states allow workers to get paid as little as four cents per hour.
Yangon. Mya* thought she was heading to a better paid job in a town in the north of Myanmar. That was what her friend had
Our work to end slavery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is under threat. Our Congolese partner organizations
Trafficking Prevention Month ends today, but we would like to ask Free the Slaves supporters to remain vigilant throughout
The book Siegel first saw in Kristine's booth sits now on her coffee table. Family photographs--weddings, vacations, relatives
Birk's goal was simply to introduce his pupils to modern slavery and invite them to think about it. He decided his duty was
During Passover, Jewish people are already thinking deeply about slavery; the eight-day spring festival commemorates the
Overcoming fear is essential to freedom, and in eastern Congo there is plenty to be frightened about. Millions have died
People are born into circumstance. Some are fortunate: privileged with legal rights and economic stability. Others are destitute
Even the prospect of retirement does not have to put an end to giving. Graff helps her clients plan wisely for their future