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Muslim women have been intimidated, harassed and kicked out for wearing modest bathing suits across America.
Previously known by her handle The Tattooed Hijabi, Kendyl Noor Aurora rose to social media fame following the growth of
"We were definitely targeted because we had models that were in a hijab."
As a society, we're looking for ways to experience our own, perhaps unconventional, versions of luxury.
(RNS) Ever since she was a little girl, Savannah Uqdah longed to pose for pictures and strut down a runway with flashbulbs
Travel may not carry the glamour of days gone by, but by trying to make a flight more comfortable we've ended up ruining any of the magic that was left in flying.
Modest clothing isn't something you'd necessarily think to be a hot topic, but as it relates to personal style it's becoming extremely relevant in today's fashion conversation.
When I think about what is lacking in the average woman's wardrobe these days, three major themes seem to recur: mystery, minimalism, and, perhaps the most important of the three M's, modesty.
Read the whole D&G review here. -Or- This may not be permanent -- designers have been known to perform dramatic volte faces