Modesto California

Don Grundmann of Modesto, California, drew unintended laughter at a city council meeting this week with a telling gaffe.
Matthew Mason's mother is helping to plan the event in Modesto, California. "This is hate pride," he said.
The 5-year-old allegedly said he couldn't take his backpack off or it would explode.
His daughter and her mother were among the victims.
A federal civil case against a California ex-cop who had been accused of handcuffing and sexually assaulting a prostitute
After I wrote about the experiences of our lesson of the damaging effects of Banning a Book at Mansfield University during last year's Banned Book week, I was very encouraged that the fight against censorship and banning books was going in the right direction.
According to the Modesto Bee, local police aren't entirely sure what to make of the treasure, composed of bits and pieces
Marty Kent, 17, paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect his mother. "They shot, he jumped in front of me, like to push me
The Ceres Fire Department arrived on the scene to help extricate the uncooperative man, but he only emerged from the tank
Students at Enochs High believe that Powers and Hookers' relationship began as early as when the teen was 14, and the couple
Hooker maintains that he only started dating Powers after she turned 18, but the teen's mother says their relationship began
California wins the dubious honor of landing 8 cities on Forbes' "Most Miserable" list. To make matters worse, the list is