Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Any Israeli Jew or Palestinian, regardless of their place of residence (be that in the West Bank or in Israel proper) who wants to prevent this vicious cycle of revenge, must stop and think -- where will all this lead to?
Monday's convictions come amid a two-month wave of unrelenting bloodshed between Israelis and Palestinians that has left
Israel observes its national Memorial Day on Wednesday, commemorating fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terror attacks
The inclusion of a Palestinian victim on an official Israeli memorial has provoked both consternation and praise inside Israel
Thanks to Israel's "Iron Dome," a missile defense project, the overall civilian casualty total is not higher, Dermer said
This structural understanding makes it easy to know how Mohammed's murderers transgressed. It had nothing to do with the
Yesterday, I joined about 350 people -- mostly Jewish citizens of Israel -- to pay a compassionate condolence call to the family of Mohammed Khdeir (killed by young Jewish extremists), in the tent of mourning in the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat, in northern Jerusalem.
Imtiez Abu Khdeir, Mohammed's aunt, told USA Today that she saw the condolence visit as "a positive thing." However, she
Exposure -- and often subjection -- to violence is something very familiar and real for the over one million children living in what is modern-day Palestine. But what is often difficult for us to grasp is what this actually means.
A separate article on the Times' website reported that "a video posted online appears to show Israeli police officers beating