Mojave Desert

It was felt as far away as Las Vegas, and the USGS says it also was felt in Mexico.
The quake struck about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, with no injuries reported.
The 43-mile pipeline was approved by the Trump administration after former Cadiz lobbyist David Bernhardt became deputy secretary of the interior.
The machines are coating bird eggs with oil so they won't hatch to feast on dwindling desert tortoise populations.
Armed with thirst-quenching libations, we navigate the natural path through the barbed bushes and spiky yuccas. A sign warns of the possible presence of venomous snakes and I hope we are all making enough noise to ensure any lurking reptiles keep their distance.
The "Unity" was named by British physicist Stephen Hawking.
The musical lineup captivates the aural romance of every music-lover's fantasy. Boasting an eclectic array of avant-garde
The sprawl of urban structures makes way for hazel-colored hills and concrete landscapes turn into dizzying miles of arid land. 9. Durable Deserts If you're a true
Being married to a former Marine has it's challenges. Being married to a former major, in my opinion can have a few added challenges. When my husband left the Marine Corps, he also left behind the responsibilities, title and in a lot of ways the respect he had worked his entire career to obtain.
What also failed to cross our mind was that no one out there was in a hurry about anything. Ever. Coming from a fast paced
For the Netroots Nation convention, the most notable thing was that two Democratic candidates for president showed up, and three did not. Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley were both on hand to court Lefties, but I had to wonder where Hillary Clinton was.
Michael Douglas stars in and produces the new action film Beyond the Reach. It's a cat-and-mouse thriller where Douglas plays a wealthy corporate shark who turns on his young guide in the Mojave Desert.
The sheer ridiculousness of it all -- the fact that you pick up a key that unlocks the cover to the pool from a museum in LA, are only then given the secret coordinates, drive three hours into the desert and must be back 24 hours later -- excited anyone I knew who had heard about it.
In case you're planning your trip to "Social Pool" already, note that you'll need to bring a gallon of water per person to
When the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail was envisioned in the 1930s, it was to traverse the highest points along the West Coast's mountainous spine between Mexico and Canada, revealing the majestic vistas and extraordinary natural riches that characterize the West.
This was Colonel William Gale, a former top aide of General Douglas McArthur. Gale later became better known as the Reverend William Gale of the Christian Identity faith, which later moved to Hayden Lake, Idaho, and was run by a Gale protege, The Reverend Butler.
Temperatures are reaching one thousand degrees in the Mojave Desert and it's taking a toll on wildlife Read more on
Whether you've had the opportunity to visit California's legendary Joshua Tree National Park before or not, you've never