Expectations are high for this weekend's Super Bowl Party. Want to make sure you don't disappoint? Serve one of these delicious
Being an event planner for many years I became a sucker for the signature cocktail, that's why I'm always coming up with
When gasoline was unavailable during the special period, Cubans turned to bicycles. Hundreds of thousands of clunky, but nearly indestructible, bikes, the ubiquitous Flying Pigeons, were imported from China, and Cuba soon had its own bike factory.
HuffPost Food reporter Joe Satran joins Josh to go over the proper way to make a mojito and advises which rum is the best to use.
The mojito is a classic summertime drink. It's citrusy, light and refreshing. It cools you down when it gets hot, and it's
Whether it's a version of centuries-old Spanish sangria or a fruity Pimm's Cup from 19th-century Britain, these summer cocktail picks from around the world are all refreshing.
Honey, Lemon, Garlic Dressing Extra virgin olive oil Honey One organic lemon 1 clove of garlic Sea salt Fresh ground pepper
The mojito, a rum and muddled mint-based concoction of Cuban origin, is one of summer’s most refreshing cocktails (read: you
The mojito -- that rum and mint cocktail that tastes like summer in a glass – is not a drink to be trusted to amateurs. For