I aimed directly for several small dishes filled with a dark, thick chocolate pudding set out on the counter, mini-spoons jutting straight up as if intended for my mouth. Perfect.
It's pretty hard to find Pipián on most menus, so to this day it's still a treat whenever Mom makes it. Served over roasted chicken, my mom's Pipián sauce tends to be pretty spicy and I love it for its nutty, yet earthy flavor.
We traveled to Mexico City, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Chiapas for two weeks of documenting various food stories.
This dish may take all day to make, but any dish made with chiles AND chocolate is more than worth it.
When you take chocolate in a spicy, instead of a sweet, direction, the result is delicious.
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There is a Catholic high school whose back faces my back yard, and when the school bell utters its shrill ear-splitting peal every afternoon, the Trespassing Teens, traveling in packs of two to 12, spill out of its front doors.
For almost 20 years, Dr. David L. Charney, 66, has seen a parade of CIA personnel come to his Alexandria, Va., office, looking for help with their emotional problems.