molecular gastronomy

Project Nourished combines molecular gastronomy with virtual reality to create limitless dining experiences. It uses 3D printed algae as the substrate, as well as a VR headset, an aromatic diffuser, a bone conduction transducer, a gyroscopic utensil, and a virtual cocktail glass. This technology has infinite possibilities and can also help with issues like weight management, diabetes and food allergies.
Sweet Root's menu is based on Lithuanian cuisine that changes based on the seasons and the ingredients available locally
Combining avant-garde cooking techniques with high-tech kitchen tools and a poetic sense of whimsy, molecular gastronomy is equal parts art and science. From deconstructed dishes to playful foams to smoky liquid nitrogen desserts, molecular chefs seek to explore food differently.
I'm still working my way through my bag of swag from the snack show. I'm happy to report though, that I took almost NO candy
Fermented kimchi, more than fresh kimchi, was found to produce a significant drop in the ratio of two types of gut bacteria
As chefs on the line, night in and night out, we are constantly juggling the knobs of our burners to various levels. All of this is to be able to respect the calculus of cooking. It's just science and we don't make those rules.
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Despite the chemical nature of the food and the rising popularity of organic options, This believes that molecular gastronomy
The man who invented molecular gastronomy - the adventurous style of cooking popularized by chefs including Heston Blumenthal - has developed a new concept which he claims will solve the challenge of feeding an overpopulated world.
Mazet-Delpeuch, in her early 70s, is in town to talk about Haute Cuisine, a film loosely based on her experiences as personal chef for French president Francois Mitterand and her year-long-plus tenure as cook for a research lab on an island off Antarctica.
Liquid nitrogen, dehydrators, and syringes, oh my!