Scientists can determine your diet, drugs, cosmetics and whether you spend time outdoors from just a quick swab.
What are some of the interesting projects you have worked on in the field of Computational Biology? originally appeared on
We use different parts of our brain for language and for our sensory bodily experience. Seeing the photographs of the chemicals of taste, I thought -- wow, they look like what they do and the words we give for those tastes.
George Zaidan at The Weather Channel shoot (courtesy Chelsey Farnum) In the last round a blizzard knocked out electricity
That's the finding of a new study, which reveals how most birds evolved to lose their external genitalia. Turns out, a particular
Once thought to be a low-level form of pain, itch is instead a distinct sensation with a dedicated neural circuit linking
When science assaults our intuition, sometimes we respond with fascination, and at other times, when our favorite beliefs are on the line, with resistance. Can our mundane actions really change the climate of something so large as the Earth?
We humans, being self-aware, are keenly concerned about death. We have sought the so-called fountain of youth since time immemorial. As the pace of science accelerates we find ourselves at the threshold of an era where we just may start artificially lengthening human lifespan.
One example is the compound of glutamic acid and two glycine molecules. Building up the first organisms on Earth may have