He's a "terrific guy" and "fun," Trump told New York Magazine for a 2002 profile of his then-pal who faces sex trafficking charges.
Actress Eliza Dushku says a top Hollywood stuntman molested her during the filming of ‘True Lies,’ and her former castmates are standing up for her.
Let’s talk frankly about keeping our children safe. As a concerned mom I feel compelled to share some uncomfortable facts
It’s incendiary, the bomb of incest or molestation. One moment life as you know it is sailing along, the next it has exploded
My secret made me sick. All that anger, guilt and confusion. I felt it in my stomach. And two weeks after I turned 18 years old, my stomach exploded due to a blood clot, which later was hypothesized to be caused from a stress ulcer. My molestation was a very stressful secret. Suddenly, my family could keep no secrets.
He also wants to make them pay for the surgical procedure.
Amanda was sexually abused by her father, she says from the time she was 10 until she was 25. A court convicted her father
Forgive yourself. Only now are you strong enough to face this. Aware enough to know that secrets, damaging when kept from others, are toxic when hidden within. You have taken the first step.
Josiah Duggar, the eighth oldest in the family of 19 kids and counting, has ended his four-month courtship with Marjorie Jackson.
In light of the Duggar abuse scandal, protecting children from sexual abuse is on many parents' minds. Avoiding all risk is unlikely, but there are steps parents can take to minimize their child's risk of sexual abuse. These tools will also help children get help if victimization occurs.