Molly Shannon

The "Saturday Night Live" alum has a daughter, Stella, and son, Nolan, with her husband, Fritz Chesnut.
Bridget Everett, Toni Collette, Katie Aselton and Molly Shannon star in the latest ladies-night-out comedy.
Kate Beckinsale gets comedic, Molly Shannon gets dramatic, we get blessed.
Fans still recognize the actress for her turn as the "SNL" and "Superstar" icon.
Writer-director Chris Kelly based "Other People" on private heartbreak.
It was after her second meeting with Lorne Michaels to secure a spot on "SNL."
Actress Molly Shannon recalls her first audition for "SNL" and when she got mugged in New York after her second meeting with Lorne Michaels.
Molly Shannon plays a mom stricken with cancer in the upcoming movie "Other People," written and directed by "Saturday Night Live's" Chris Kelly.