mom body

"When your body no longer looks like the Instagram bikini model and you have a mom bod, be proud!"
"Screw what society wants from me. This is what's on offer."
"Our goal should not have to be to get our body 'back' to something it used to be."
I do not want my daughter on the body roller coaster her mother has ridden for 30 years. I can't control it, but I can contribute positively. Part of that contribution is to wear what I love in front of her, and I've always loved bikinis.
Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a "perfect" body after 4 kids. I decided to upload this pic and leave... Posted
Illustrator and cartoonist Rebecca Roher has always been curious about women's bodies and reproductive health, particularly
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Harshe chronicled the phenomenon on her personal blog, and asked her fellow parents to "take back" the word postpartum and
Redbook magazine featured Simpson on their February 2014 cover in a floral dress. She gave a piece of her mind regarding