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I'm sure someone reading this right now has dealt with or knows someone who has dealt with nighttime potty training. Visit
The other night a sanctimommy attacked me. You know the moms who only feed their kids breast milk and kale till they are
There are days when I wish there was a return/exchange lane for my children. Sort of like Costco's no-questions-asked return policy.
It sure feels good to get things off your chest. What feels even better? Not having to apologize or make an excuse for any of it.
Laying here tonight I wonder why motherhood no longer seems to have the same luster it did when I first gave birth, why I feel like a shadow tending to someone else's footsteps. Where did the allure go? I think it's must be with all of the socks that have gone missing in the dryer.
Only my kids have heard that bellow. Only they know the volume my voice can reach when I call upon every last ounce of me to carry out anger. When I've reached my limit and I want to be damned sure that everyone in earshot knows it, my children are the only ones around.
Motherhood is profound and amazing and life-changing. It's also really hard. And we knew that going in.
I secretly want to be beautiful and capable in their eyes, loving and gentle and brave. Perfect. The good queen from a fairytale -- when in reality I am sarcastic, impatient, fearful, weak. Not the evil queen, exactly, but flawed and unlovely and all too human.
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There are other mommies just like me who don't always say or think the right thing. They are crass and jealous and frustrated and insecure and ... human. Hallefreakinglujah.
Other mothers have confessed that they feel the same way, but they do it quietly. We're all slightly ashamed of our lack of enthusiasm for childlike antics. We leave a lot of the playing to our partners.
I shall not compete with the mother who effortlessly bakes from scratch, purees her own baby food, or fashions breathtaking costumes from tissue paper. Motherhood is not a competition. The only ones who lose are the ones who race the fastest.
I asked my readers to confess their own mommy sins so I could feel better about my failings and imperfections. Suddenly, without their names attached, moms were comfortable getting really down and dirty about motherhood and I realized that I wasn't alone. Far from it...
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