mom guilt

Pro tip: Remove the word "should" from your vocabulary.
I reminded myself consciously that lifetimes aren’t made up of one day or one bad choice, or one argument.
Don’t think of all these as failures; think of them as character-builders.
She doesn't blame me for the things she can't do. She's too busy living her life and blaming me for ruining her life because
Of course, this has a happy ending. My brother ran back to Splash Mountain, I grabbed a Disney employee, and within minutes
Looking back now, I should have realized what was happening sooner. I should have saved my family, saved my two beautiful little girls, from it way sooner. But who ever thinks their happy home could be the cause of such pain and suffering?
As my 10-year-old and I cleared the last of the junk out of the dining room and admired our work, I thanked her for her help and let her know I couldn't have accomplished this task without her. As she looked up at me and smiled, I reminded myself I was just overreacting and that my kids don't really notice or care when the house is a mess.
Last week, a friend called me from her tropical vacation. "I'm on the beach right now," she said over the sound of waves, adding "I even slept until 9:00 today." "Wow, I'm jealous," I said. "I think I had mom guilt 20 times by 9 a.m.!"
My family, at least the women in my family - which pretty much is the same thing if you ask them - has cultivated a different
When I get those guilty feelings I remember those wise words "get used to it" and I take pleasure in knowing I am part of a truly amazing VIP club, and that this feeling is simply part of the membership.
I keep thinking the cure for "bad mom" syndrome is to be more productive. I'll get out of this funk when I'm back on top, and that to-do list is checked off, right? But I have a feeling it's more about my attitude than my circumstances.
You can choose to keep living the way you are, or you can make some changes. So what's the solution? This post first appeared
Having my son was hands-down the best experience of my life. However, the week after he was born was hell. My son had to stay in the NICU for a week, which was an exhausting, emotional roller coaster of a time.
"My older daughter is way easier for me to deal with than my younger one.  The younger one always says I like her sister more than her, and you know what? If I am honest with myself, she is right."
You feel like it's all your fault. You feel like your body is failing. So that means you are failing. The reality is, a high-risk pregnancy can happen to anyone. At any time. You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't cause this and you certainly aren't failing.