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@jimmyfallon When my brother & I would ask who she loved more, my mom would say, "I really don't like either one of you." 😂 #MomQuotes
I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone is currently available on Amazon. Here are 12 pearls of wisdom, quoted directly from the book
"We don't have time to brush teeth -- chew this gum." "I'll give you a dollar if you finish your vegetables/homework/endless video game level."
Caroline is joined by a panel of moms who share their best parenting advice.
In honor of Mother's Day, HuffPosters celebrate by speaking about their moms.
In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Fallon unveiled his latest "Tonight Show Hashtag," #momquotes. The results were predictably
A mother-child relationship is a curious thing. It starts out as one of basic necessity (infanthood), morphs into one of
My mom has been gone for over 20 years now, so it's not like I would be repeating an incident from yesterday. But she ticked off what I'd said, and I thought, Wow, I do do that. Without even realizing it, every day I'm leaning on, laughing at and listening to my mom.
Whoever said you have to be perfect to be a good parent is clearly not actually a parent. A huge part of having kids is embracing
Jimmy Fallon struck Twitter hashtag gold once again by collecting his followers' funniest #MomQuotes before Mother's Day