mom shaming

“Mommy shamers are just mean girls who grew up to be mothers.”
The pop star lashed out at mom-shamers on Instagram.
Some critics said her daughter should have gotten a checkup earlier, and you know where this is going.
The singer exposed the sexist double standard of mom shaming.
The actress told us how she's empowering her daughters and raising 'strong ladies.'
Panelists at the HuffPost Parents and Beech-Nut event on Mom-Shaming on May 4, 2017 in New York City discuss how moms frequently bad-mouth themselves for their mistakes and how important it is to unlearn this behavior. Left to right: HuffPost Parents Editorial Director Emily McCombs, Dr. Michele Borba, and bloggers Adanna Dill, Allison Cooper and Jenny Ingram.
HuffPost Parents hosted a live panel discussion on mom-shaming, in partnership with Beech-Nut.