moms and daughters

I had to drive home from the hospital with my mother's half zippered suitcase. I was ill equipped to stare at the candy wrappers in the center console, to drive alone, to navigate my way back. I looked at my passenger's seat in disbelief. Three years later, I still look at it in disbelief.
💕 Home is wherever mom is... forever and ever and ever 💕
Even after a hectic day, I remember you taking the time to cook a well-balanced meal. I never once noticed a look of exhaustion on your face. I was too busy wishing we could just order pizza instead. Ironically, that was probably what you were thinking, too.
Sure, I got the basic/old fashioned advice, but not the things I really wanted and needed to know... not the things I ended up having to learn the hard way over years of trial, error, bad marriages and even worse divorces. Would I have made different choices and had better luck in love if I had known more about love?
She just turned 9 this week, which means I only have nine more years to get her ready to fight for herself in the real world. Nine more years to make sure she knows how to braise a roast, manage her iCloud storage and distinguish between a jerk and Prince Charming. That's not a lot of time.
The first time I saw the shoes my 13-year old daughter Hannah wanted to wear to middle school graduation, I flat out refused to buy them for her. Frankly, I was astounded that she was asking for them with a straight face. I mean, they had four-inch heels!
When the car crashes. When you have more long distance charges than you thought possible. When you run out of gas, chocolate chip cookies and faith. I will be there.
I never quite understood the reason for them being hung on the line in the first place, and it is only recently that I have thought about it, and now it is too late to ask, since she passed over 14 years ago, and June 1 would have been her 74th birthday.
The resulting book, "Bella's Pockets," is a whimsical catalogue of "found" items curated by a 7-year-old for whom everything