The former Olympic swimmer is in a treatment facility following an intervention last month.
Albert told People he staged an intervention of sorts with other relatives after his wife returned to Monaco "exhausted, physically and emotionally."
The ruler of Monaco told People magazine that his wife "didn’t go into exile" when she left for South Africa in May.
The royal was hospitalized with complications from a serious sinus infection, Monaco's palace said Friday.
The royal debuted her drastic "half-hawk" in December and said that "it has provoked all kinds of comments.”
The leader of Monaco and Prince of Wales attended the same event on March 10.
The 62-year-old leader of the tiny Mediterranean nation is believed to be the first head of state to contract COVID-19.
Does her shiny Versace look remind you of anyone?
It will go down in the annals of aviation: A round-the-world flight without a drop of fuel. That was the amazing achievement
Monaco is known for being a Mediterranian playground for the ultra rich and posh crowd... and it certainly did not disappoint! That being said, the vast majority of us aren't walking around wearing fancy watches or driving designer cars. That doesn't mean we can't all experience this small-but-mighty city for free!
... but whereas its more illustrious neighbour is mainly frequented by foreign visitors, this park is one strictly for the
With good reason, the South of France as a wedding destination is more popular than ever. Think France, think romance. Add to that the extraordinary light that has brought famous artists to Provence for decades. Exceptional wedding photos will serve to re-kindle the love and romance of your French celebration for years to come.
While KBR was being investigated for bribery in Nigeria, it was partnering with a company that bribed officials in Kazakhstan.
France 1. Try to Look for the Beauty and The Joy When You Travel, Not the Negatives Often times, my husband and I will run
Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill met only once, so far as I know. On June 14, 1958, Sinatra was in Monte Carlo for the world premiere of his World War II film, Kings Go Forth. Winston Churchill was in Monte Carlo to gamble.