These spiritual retreat centers will give you a taste of the monastic life.
A new book of Christian sacred sites offers "inspiring models of cohabitation," say the authors.
On retreat, I do not escape to an enchanted realm but instead I go to what is called a "thin place," one where holiness is present and shares space with humanity, in spite of its (and my) brokenness. In retreat, I am able to simply be, rest, and to reflect on what God is showing forth in my life. Within that silence, I find not only peace, but also truth.
All in all, a fascinating time in magnificent scenery amid spectacular architecture, even if the faith thing doesn't really work for me.
Megisti Lavra perches majestically atop a cliff 520 feet above the crashing foam and rocks, more like a small walled town. On the outside, you have the regulation square tower and the jutting painted wooden balconies. Within, there are a whole series of buildings.
Overwhelmed by the savagely wild beauty of its forested mountains, precipitously rugged cliffs and plunging emerald valleys, she asked her son, who just happened to be God, to make it her garden which, true to filial piety, he did.
In my last post, Professor Rao and I decide to continue our conversation over dinner. We are debating the relevance of the ancient Silk Roads for addressing current crises. Professor Rao, an old friend and foil, remains skeptical.
Think of San Francisco in 1963, but replace the steep hills and the chilling fog with bright sun, a winding river and an ancient barge canal. That is Toulouse, possibly the friendliest town in southern France and the host to one of the country's most interesting and wide-ranging international art festivals.
When we think of monks, we tend to think of austerity, solitude and long days spent chanting and praying. And while the focus
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