Why use data-driven decision-making in professional sports? To win and win more! Seriously though, if we pour over the numbers, click our data heels and just believe, can our team really win more? Will the use of data lead to a "Moneyball" effect? Does it pay to believe in analytics?
One thing this past year confirmed was that these handsome, movie-idol personalities can really act. Too often Pitt and Clooney have been constrained by their leading man status to playing cool protagonists who save the day and get the girl. And they appear to be playing themselves.
Our enjoyment of a film depends on our ability to suspend disbelief. Sports movies based on true stories are at a severe disadvantage in this regard. Many of us are acutely aware of every last detail of a sports film. Sports fans are conditioned that way. It's in our DNA.
All of the senses can evoke memories. But it's when taste brings my past to the present that I am most profoundly affected. That's what happened with my bite of the Twink. And that's also all it took for me to toss the pack in the trash.
Here's my stab at predicting most of the categories for the 84th Annual Academy Awards.
The third place finisher in a British marathon was disqualified. It seems for a good portion of the race Rob Sloan took a bus. Picky picky.