Monica Crowley

President Trump originally picked Crowley to be the National Security Council's communications director, but she resigned after plagiarism allegations.
The GOP adviser was supposed to work under Gen. Michael Flynn. Then came reports of plagiarism.
The pundit has been accused of plagiarizing parts of her 2012 book and her 2000 Ph.D. dissertation.
A history of peddling debunked theories won't guarantee you a spot in Trumpland -- but it apparently doesn't hurt.
The media was wrong, and the White House was right. Still, many of us in the media won't admit it. Therefore, I'd like to apologize to you. We should probably make a better effort to understand policy, before we attempt to comment on it. And we should probably also admit, once and for all, that the President was born in America.
For a people who were barely recognized as full citizens with equal rights under the laws of the country they helped to build, it is a victory, whether you are Obama supporter Reverend Al Sharpton or Romney advocate Herman Cain, that a black man now assumes the highest office in the land
Fluke, a Georgetown law student, stepped into the national spotlight when Rush Limbaugh called her as a "slut" and a "prostitute
Crowley caused a stir on Thursday when she responded to the news of Fluke getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend by tweeting
Let's by God hear it for cowboy decision-making! We've taken over Iraq, and already we're scaring other Muslim potentates into submission. It's that easy.