Monica Geller

Could the "Friends" stars BE any more alike in the picture that Cox shared on Instagram?
Aniston welcomed her former co-star onto the platform with an iconic line from "Friends."
The throwback photo was taken in January 2004 -- before the taping of the hit sitcom's final episode.
The actor posted a video on Instagram telling fans that she thought she was "gonna be Ugly Naked Guy for sure!"
The "Friends" star and her 15-year-old daughter Coco Arquette offered a very updated version of "The Routine."
“Could I BE any happier," Cox captioned the snap with her onscreen husband.
The "Friends" star delivered a real zinger to end a funny exchange.
Her sitcom alter-ego Monica Geller can rest easy knowing that "I know" has been passed on to the newest generation.
She tries to keep Monica Geller's legacy alive in a funny series of Instagram tutorials.
The grainy photograph, taken before the pilot aired, is around 25 years old.