The sun has set on comedians like Marlon Wayans, Mo'Nique and Chris Rock, whose latest offerings were lackluster. Black Gen X comedy has nothing new to say.
The actor-comedian reminds us she has a comedic gift — and can make even the toughest topics really funny.
"You f**ked with the wrong one," the comedian said onstage. She later accused Hughley of fueling bias against Black women.
The comedian and Oscar-winning actress accused the streaming service of giving her a lowball offer that was part of a larger company tendency to underpay black women.
The "Isn't It Romantic" backlash has intensified after Wilson took to blocking critics on Twitter.
Netflix isn’t alone in failing to see value in black women.
She claims she was offered only $500,000 for a comedy special while Amy Schumer got $13 million.
"You are not paying me equally. You are not treating me fairly, so you can suck my d**k if I had one," she said.