monique coleman

The organization holds annual proms so these teens can have a magical night of dancing, dress up, pampering and fine dining.
With so many news stories about the power of social media culture in the last week, we couldn't have asked for better guests on the What's Trending Podcast than Jarrett Sleeper, Tony Valenzuela, and Monique Coleman from the new series "The Fourth Door".
Akuyuoe Graham, who founded, Spirit Awakening Foundation in 1995 offers hope, healing, redemption and transformation to "at-risk and incarderated youth.
It is embedded in the fabric of so many mothers to instill this idea that anything is possible for their children, by being willing to do everything they can to get those kids on the right path.
The Huffington Post is bestowing its own awards on the 2008 Emmy Awards Gifting Suites.