New cases of the virus, formerly called monkeypox, were recently reported in Chicago. Health officials say summer social events could help it spread.
The drop in U.S. cases has been attributed to an abundance of vaccine supplies and changing sexual behavior among those at higher risk of infection.
Those who didn’t receive a single dose of the vaccine were 14 times more likely to be infected than those who had, health officials said.
The White House says it’s optimistic about a decline in monkeypox cases and an uptick in vaccinations against the infectious virus.
Misinformation about the viral disease is everywhere. Here are the real facts you should know, from how it spreads to who is at risk.
The virus, which has spread to all 50 states, is generally not life-threatening. The Houston-area man who died was severely immunocompromised, local officials said.
With the latest discovery, the virus has been found in every state.
The effort relies on a new vaccination protocol to address the country’s limited supplies of the vaccine.
An extra 50,000 vaccine doses will be made available in cities like Atlanta and New Orleans, where Pride celebrations are scheduled later this year.
Rochelle Walensky announced a "reset" for the organization amid public criticisms over its response to the coronavirus and monkeypox.