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By Robert H. Scott III, Monmouth University and Steven Pressman, Colorado State University A college education is increasingly
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had hoped that Monday would be the day he could reboot his failing campaign. Instead, it would be a day filled with more bad news and further setbacks.
Four assault survivors, inspired by Lady Gaga's Oscar performance, speak out against their colleges.
The Texas senator has found success in appealing to evangelicals and Tea Party voters -- but can he hold on to them until February?
Poll shows Biden up by 10 points and Clinton down by 10 points.
  A Monmouth University poll conducted in the days leading up to the Iran nuclear agreement announced Tuesday found that
My journey began as a student at Monmouth College, now Monmouth University, where my psychology professor taught me that homosexuality was a serious mental illness.
As an Olympic swimmer, I learned young the value of mentors and coaches. Of all the individuals who have offered me their invaluable insight and guidance, my first mentor was my mother. She was not only my first coach but also my earliest advocate and supporter.
New Jerseyans' newly positive views of their governor are mostly due to his handling of the storm, and haven't necessarily
"These are people who have lived their whole lives at the shore," said Connolly. Many were born there, raised their families